Bon Appetite!

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I love food, I love everything about it: the aroma, the colors, the texture, the flavor. To some its just a source of fuel for their bodies, to me food isn’t just a material pleasure, it’s so much more than that.  Some dishes bring back memories from our childhood, whether it’s that favorite pasta mom used to make or that awesome grandma’s cake everybody loved, food has this magic ability to take us back in time. There’s so much love, so much joy in those moments.  Some dishes help us create new memories. Gathering with family and friends, preparing and sharing food make our lives that much more bright and delicious. Let’s eat , love and enjoy life. Bon Appetite! ♡


P.S. Pictures were taken at the Balkan Restaurant; the home made traditional dishes and lepinja bread will satisfy even the most picky eater 😉

2 thoughts on “Bon Appetite!”

  1. Емілія says:

    Дуже смачно виглядає, хочеться покуштувати,аж слюнка котиться!

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